Reasons To Smile

I came across this linky blog post from Ojo’s World, which she is running through the month of June, and found it to be a little ray of sunshine. I got inspired to stop looking at whats going wrong on a day to day basis and take stock of everything that is going right, and everything which is making me smile.


E slept from 8-5 this morning with only one wake up for a feed at 1, which was quick and painless. Compared to the night before which was up every hour screaming after a battle to get him to sleep in his crib, it was bliss, and I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and like the sleep I’d got may actually make a dent into the bags under my eyes (yay for a layer less of concealer needed!). Definitely a much smilier person this morning.


You have to love a midsummer sale. Especially when you’re not yet fitting into half of the pre-baby wardrobe, but the maternity clothes are hanging off you (and depressing you anyway, three months later). Due to my attitude of not being willing to spend a fortune on clothes that I’m hoping won’t fit me for very long, the sales are making additions to my wardrobe but not as much of a dent to my purse, yay. Also, there are all of the cute tiny baby clothes on sale as well. Ridiculously cute.


It is still Summer in Ireland, and as far as I’m aware, the Leaving Cert finished last week (now that I’ve said that, the Great Floods will descend and we’ll all have to pile onto an ark). I’ve learned my lesson from the superbad sunburn, which is now after leaving me with beautiful tan lines, have my factor 50+ on leaving the house, with E coated in the same stuff despite not a ray touching him. We’ve even gotten that bloody parasol working, since every single shop I tried was sold out of those sun covers indefinitely. Definitely a plus being able to get out and about for walks around town and surrounding areas with the buggy 🙂


E got checked out this week by the Paediatrics in hospital after being referred for being a bit too small, and they’ve declared him perfectly healthy now. All ten and a half pounds of him 😀 The relief is fantastic!


This week I’ve been to a Cuidiu Mammy and Baby morning, had coffee with friends, and this morning, I am about to go sign up for a three month membership for a gym that has a creche in it for members use while working out. Getting up in the morning with actual purpose and needing to do something definitely makes a difference than waking up and having Groundhog Day, over and over again. I’m definitely someone who likes having a set out plan of things to do, a variable plan on a very variable timetable, but I like knowing I’ve something to do, people to see, somewhere to go.


It’s back working. 24 hours in a bag of wholegrain rice, sealed in a nappy bag (A Mammy McGyver move) seems to have done the trick. So relieved!

And finally


My saviour. My darling. The best investment I ever made. I’ve become a convert, especially to the Vanilla capsules. Means I get to have a latte in the morning, generally when E is asleep, or on his playmat. Definitely makes nights when we’ve been up a lot a lot easier to deal with!

How about you? What makes you smile?

Ojos World


The Power of Music

I never really gave much stock to the playing music to them in the womb thing. Sure, I tried it, didn’t really get much of a response at all to any music, barring a night when 8 months pregnant, stood fairly close to the DJ booth in a packed nightclub, with baba going mental to some song that was in the charts at the time. So I didn’t quite go full hung ho into the playing Mozart to E in the womb, in the hopes of him attaining 625 points the second he got into secondary school. He listened to what I listened to, which seemed to be mixture of sappy love songs, pop songs from the 90s and some Dubstep when his daddy decided that was what he should be exposed to from day one.

When he got here things were a bit different. He screamed at any U2 song until it was turned off. Lana Del Ray was my champion in the early days for calming him and putting him to sleep, with Robbie Williams vying for that same top spot. Both artists I would have listened to a bit when pregnant but not excessively. So far, so normal.

In the last two weeks, E has been on another one of his “wonder weeks”, which apparently means he can be an absolute brat and I’m not allowed be grumpy about it, because he’s learning and expanding. And learning to be a total head wreck. He’s not a major fan of being out of my arms and not even the sling is sufficing much of the time. On top of this, we’ve had a heatwave ( hello lovely Leaving Cert weather!), which any other year would mean my factor 50 slathered self would be in a beer garden/back garden after work with a glass of wine chilling out, but this year means having arguments with parasols, draping white light fabric over half of the buggy, and dealing with a grumpy warm baby who isn’t eating like normal due to the heat, and burning to a crisp myself in the process. It’s been a fun household to live in…

Three nights ago, E goes off on one. Screeches the place down, won’t feed, clean nappy, just seems to be screaming for no reason. I stick on Spotify, on comes John Legend’s “All of Me”, a song I listened to quite a bit when I was in very late pregnancy and stuck in hospital. It had been used on Grey’s Anatomy, I’d found it online and got hooked (in truly hipster form, weeks before it became a massive hit here). E was asleep before the first verse was over. I’d think it was a coincidence if the same thing hadn’t happened yesterday. This song seems to have a completely calming effect on him, especially when I sing along, which is fantastic. I think its interesting that he potentially would link it to his last days in the womb and calm down quickly with it, it gives stock to the argument that they are affected by what they can hear. Regardless, its a lovely song, and fairly fitting.

All of Me, loves all of you, all your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections. Give your all to me, I’ll give my all to you, You’re my end and my beginning, even when I lose I’m winning, cos I give you all of me.. and you give me all of you”.

Long may the calming effect last. I’m trying to recall anything else that I may have listened to half as obsessively while he was in there, for fear that this will start to wear off.

Also starting to think that Mozart may have been a good idea after all…

Has anyone else found this, that music you listened to while pregnant is recognised by baby?

Strongly Worded Letter to the 8 week vaccinations

Dear Vaccinations against horrible diseases I would never wish my son to get,

You are horrible folk. Yes I understand your intentions are noble. You wish to rid my son of the chance to get diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio, hepatitis B and HiB, and then some. I appreciate this intent, truly, those are rather horrible illnesses to get and I’m plenty sure that his standard of living is for the better to not experience them. 

All of that nobleness aside, I wish ye would take a running jump. In one fell swoop I got rid of my lovely child who seemed to have developed a pattern in which he slept at night, in his own crib, easily falling back asleep, to be replaced by a demon child, but I also became, in his eyes at least, the worst mother in the whole wide world. Not only did I allow that woman in the white top to stick that horrible painful needle into his left leg, I turned him around and allowed her to do the same into his right leg, despite his very clear screams of anguish, pain and “Mammy, what in gods name did I ever do to you?”. A traumatic experience on all counts, even to the doctor, who attempted to convince the crying child that it was indeed the nurse, and not her, who had performed the evil deed. 

That lovely, sleeping child, well you’ve ruined him. We had a routine, damn you. He was sleeping, and self soothing, the whole damn kit and caboodle. Not for the whole night, I grant you, but he did naps, and then big long sleeps and he’d lie by himself and put himself back to sleep. Not only that but he was eating like he was going to be starved if he stopped, and therefore gaining weight steadily, which for the tiny scut that he is was a big achievement. After his encounter with you lot? Nada. Eating is just too much effort, barring one feed a day where he inhales about two feeds full in half the time, instead of half a feed in double the time. Sleep? While we’re somewhat managing a semblance of a routine again, over a week later, we’ve now developed a new routine – it involves being awake a lot when its dark outside. Again dear vaccines, damn you to hell. He also seems to have developed oral thrush from his immune system being attacked – whether this is your fault or not hasn’t been determined, but I blame you regardless.

I’m not anti-vaccine per say. I’m not one of those who worries that their kid will become autistic, or get some other disorder from the vaccines. I believe that it is the duty of parents to vaccinate in order to not only protect their kids from getting infected but also to protect other kids from being infected by their child, when those other kids aren’t old enough to be vaccinated yet. 

But you messed up our routine, and my sleep patterns, and my lovely, sedate, happy child. 

And for that, I glare at you, curse you and give out. And vow to send him to his grandparents after the next lot. 

Kind Regards,

A very tired Mammy. 


Welcome to Exhaustion

10 days old, madly in love, but dear god the tiredness. 

We’re at home being looked after by my parents while waiting for the paternity leave to start. Recovering from a c-section in a house that doesn’t have stairs, with extra help with the night time wake ups is something else entirely. Furthermore its outside of the institutionalisation of the hospital. Never thought I’d be so glad to not have Weetabix for breakfast (still getting the toast!).

Last night he slept for a three and a half hour stint, two hours, and then another three hours. I woke up before him this morning. The feeling of waking up of my own accord instead of to screams for a feed is like heaven. It really is the little things. The night before we weren’t so lucky, he just kept waking and refusing to go back to sleep. One day at a time!

Little man is making a big impression with the relatives for his tiny stature. And to his credit, he’s quite good, will go to anyone, attempts to feed off everyone (regardless of gender or age, my boy is an equal opportunities breastfeeder), and falls asleep in most peoples arms. Now to just get him to do that at night time…