The Hospital Bag

I’m starting to think about redirecting my post to the maternity hospital. Thanks to my erratic blood pressure (which had never made it above 120/80 up to about two months ago, was actually on the low side), and it being joined by headaches and dizziness, I seem to have become a frequent flyer, and a regular user of my friend the Trace Machine. 

However, I’ve hit 34 weeks, almost 35 and seem to have committed the cardinal sin of not having the hospital bag together. Cue the gasps of horror (one relative did actually react like this, two weeks ago, upon this confession), and the impending sense of panic each time I’m kept in and they go “Oh, well, you know, we could keep you…”.

Part of this horror, which may seem ridiculous, is the realisation that if I don’t get my act together, I may have to send himself shopping for maternity pads and the like. I think thats a step I’d like to skip, so today is the day, since I’ve managed to escape their clutches until at least tomorrow morning. 

The internet is full of lists. As is the maternity magazine that I’ve been staring at on the coffee table for the last few weeks. Most of it is fine, apart from the ever changing amounts of things you need – understandable for things like clothes for baba, who is likely (apparently) to throw up on everything a few times a day, not so much for how many pairs of pyjamas – one list says two, another says SIX. Really regretting the purchase of light coloured pyjamas over the last year, it seems that they are persona non grata in the maternity ward, so its looking like lots of new ones will need to be purchased. Hello Penneys. 

Have to wash the baby clothes (have to buy some more, and the washing powder, but thats besides the point), pack the nappies (these I do have, but how many? Again the lists never agree), and get blankets sorted out. Thinking at this point it will be the big pink suitcase, going on how little fits in the smaller one I’ve got here. Time seems to be running out a little…

It will all be fine. If all else fails, the maternity hospital is across the road from a shopping centre which has little in it barring the MASSIVE Pennies and 24 hour Tescos… *deep breath*



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